Our Profile

Deeply rooted in Cape Town, we are a vibrant, inclusive 100 % black female founded breed of Legal Professionals. Sisusa Law provides a full spectrum of the most suitable, simplified legal solutions including Conveyancing, Alternative Dispute Resolution & Litigation across various areas of law.

Sisusa Law endeavours to empower its clients by imparting Conveyancing & Property related legal knowledge to equip clients to take up space in the property sector, use the sector as a gateway to financial freedom and contribute positively in the economic and social transformation of South Africa. Our ultimate goal is to live up to the true meaning of our name, as Sisusa directly translates to “we remove”, by playing our role in ensuring reduced reliance on Public/Government services through going beyond just providing service but also investing in knowledge.

We consider Conveyancing and Property Law as the reason for our being. Considering the complexity and large sums of money involved in Property affairs, It is important that you obtain legal professionals to guide you through the process in a simplistic, timeous and cost-effective manner. We are always open to build relationships with Individual and Commercial clients, whether you are:

  • Buying, Selling or Leasing
  • A Developer or looking to venture into property development
  • Body Corporate of a Sectional Title Scheme
  • An Estate Agent
  • A legal Practitioner in another Province looking for a correspondent Conveyancer in Cape Town.

Involve us in your property visions by asking us HOW? how well, how much and how long will it take to convert your dreams into Deeds.

Our People

Leatitia Zizipho Sisusa

Founder, Attorney, Conveyancer and Notary

Graduated from the University of the Western Cape in 2013 and embarked on a professional employment journey as a legal and budget assistant for Intelligent Debt Management (IDM) Group, helping guide clients to financial wellbeing and building a brighter financial future. This role helped her understand that unexpected circumstances do not discriminate, as is the case with debt while other legal frustrations can slowly creep up some will pounce on you without notice or warning. Our Founder understands how to equip individuals and companies with the relevant foresight to be prepared for foreseeable and unforeseeable eventualities.

With restructuring and re-negotiation skills under her belt and having majored in Alternative Dispute Resolution our Founder had keen interest to gain practical exposure on dispute resolution which led her to become a Legal Mediator in Tyger Valley with one of the biggest legal insurance companies in South Africa. She enlisted mediation as a skill to help policyholders resolve their legal affairs on various areas of law. Issues included but were not limited to; landlord-tenant disputes, evictions, divorces, employment matters, contracts, insurance claims to name a few. Her duties included referring matters for arbitration/litigation to Panel Attorneys with the relevant expertise on cases where mediation was not best suited. This role helped her build up a vast network of expertise and develop an interest in being a tenacious lawyer with litigation experience.

Zizipho served her articles in Stellenbosch and was admitted as an Attorney in 2016. She acquired her advocacy skills through being a court based defense attorney, being trained, mentored, supervised and observed by experienced Legal practitioners. She further developed and mastered her research, drafting, writing, analytic thinking, negotiating and mediation skills. This role shaped her to be a legal practitioner that thrives under pressure, understands the importance of being up to date with legislative amendments, gives attention to detail and has instilled in her an “always ready’ attitude.

With advanced corporate law knowledge and having accumulated three years of experience from leading corporate organizations in conducting due diligence investigations, legal opinions and ensuring legislative and/or regulatory compliance of various types of entities including companies, Zizipho understands not only the dire financial implications of Non-compliance but time involved in setting proper measures in place. She reckons Sisusa Law is the best helmet with adjustable headbands to accommodate the specific needs of each entrepreneur/small business in mitigating risks and unjustifiable audit findings, with the result that hand in hand we will ensure you or your business reach the heights that you have set your sights on.